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Ammonia Warning

DO NOT USE any liquid spray materials containing Ammonia in the DR5010 spray gun, included with the DR3000-PRO system, as it may react with the aluminum cup and become flammable. 

Rapidly disinfect small to medium sized commercial spaces

Apollo Turbo Spray (DR3000-PRO)

The Apollo DR3000-PRO Turbo Spray system has been designed for commercial use. This powerful system includes a professional variable-speed air turbine, a 30’ Ultra-Flex™ air hose and a 32oz capacity professional spray gun with internal stainless-steel fluid passages, springs and finite solution adjustment. The system atomizes disinfectants into micro-fine particle sizes and spray patterns up to 10” wide for complete, even surface coverage while the multi-stage air intake filtration protects the system from contaminants for years of reliable service. Add the included wheels to the DR3000-PRO and you have total portability. Whether you’re spraying a fleet of trucks and trailers or disinfecting your restaurant or gym the DR3000-PRO will be there to work for you all day long, providing reliable, safe and even distribution of your EPA approved Covid-19 disinfectant or sanitizer solution of choice.

For more information about the Turbo Spray PRO disinfection system please call us toll free at 1-888-900-4857.

Air Hose Length: 30′ (9.14M)
Spray Guns Included: DR5010 (1) .75mm nozzle delivers super fine atomization with a maximum fan width of 10″
Material Cup Size: 1 QT / 32 OZ
Includes Spray Gun Lube: Yes
System Weight: 38 lbs / 17.24 Kg
Warranty: 2 years (Parts and Labor)
Downloadable Documents: Disinfectant Data Sheet
EPA Approved Disinfectant List
CDC Disinfecting Protocols


Use in places like these

Protect yourself, your family, coworkers and others.


Spray cleaners and disinfectants on all surfaces.


Spray decontaminates in hazardous environments


Freshen the air, carpet, bedding, drapes & furnishings


In the ongoing era of Coronaviruses–not just COVID-19 but SARS, MERS other contagious viruses–we must find simple and effective ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Regular bottle sprayers don’t provide the coverage needed to adequately clean and disinfect surfaces.



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